Welcome to the Shorter documentation.

Shorter Finance is a 100% on-chain infrastructure from IPI Labs. It comprises venues for 2,000+ altcoin single-sided farming and customized derivatives trading, bringing margin trading and physical delivery to the blockchain landscape with the ethos of open source.

Some of Shorter’s prominent features:

  • Direct lending pattern
  • Flexible position holding duration
  • Constant liquidity driven by AMM
  • Transparent position lifecycle management
  • Secure traders away from dramatic spikes
  • Physical delivery of cross-chain assets
  • Negative trading slippage reduction
  • 0% debt auction bidding fees
  • Autonomous on-chain debt collection and liquidation

Prerequisite Readings

Shorter’s Anatomy

  • Pools: It initially paves the way for altcoin holders for unstable tokens’ deposits and profit. The controllable shift of these assets grants the trading capacities to this whole protocol.
  • Trading Hub: The core ingredient serves users as a gateway over the logic between positions and underlying assets.
  • Position: Managed by Trading Hub and Auction Hall. Its lifecycle shifts in obedience to the prescribed rigorous rules before.
  • Auction Hall: A venue built on contractual logic supporting debt bidding and recovering activities.
  • Committee: Similar to committees in real but even more decentralized.
  • Farming: This can be of substantial assistance to help users care more about their earnings by interacting with smart contracts or getting involved in activities.
  • strPool: The staking proof token distributed by pools, maintaining the pool-related data structures as well.
  • Vault: It gives far more opportunities for arbitrage rulers to bid on Legacy assets through a set of open interfaces.
  • Treasury: This is a catch-all for overall protocol revenue.

Theoretical Basis

  • Semi-strong Form Efficient Market Hypothesis
  • Bayesian Game Theory
  • Nash Equilibrium
  • Modern Monetary Theory
  • Law of Large Numbers

First Steps

To get the most out of Shorter, start by reviewing these introductory topics below:

Stay Tuned