Governance Principles

The IPILabs team will always provide the community answers to these basic questions for every material decision the team makes:

  • What decision has been made?
  • Why was that decision made?
  • Who is impacted by the decision?
  • When is the decision going into effect?
  • How can the community provide feedback and voice their opinion?

Founding Principles

As with other projects in the DeFi space, Shorter’s governance will emerge from community collaboration and participation. We begin the project with a few simple governance principles:

  • Any and all material changes to Shorter products should be proposed in public, with code, with appropriate time for community feedback.

  • From a decentralized standpoint, collaboration from the community should take on a significant portion of the responsible on-chain liquidating assurance. Our roadmap for progressive decentralization outlines our strategy for transitioning to fully autonomous and decentralized decision-making.

  • A successful governance system should represent taking either minimizing the time or cost necessary into consideration, for an individual or institution to participate in governance. We will explore solutions including gas-efficient methods and blockchains with high throughput to build the DAO mainstay.