IHBPS is the abbreviation of "inadequate holding balance for potentially speculation". The glue of this brilliant idea enhances the entire community, holds the community members together, and dissuades any long-term thinking.

IPISTR getting from these 2 sources are viewed as IHBPS:

  • Directly/indirectly buying from decentralized exchanges
  • Receiving from other addresses don’t owned/bound by yourself

All these sources listed out are always exempt from IHBPS:

  • Staking, trading mining and all the other smart contracts that can produce rewards
  • Shares deposited in the Committee contract
  • Bonus received from Shorter Pulse or other bounty projects when finished tasks
  • Airdrop carried out officially
  • Random rewards of donation to Shorter Charity Foundation
  • Experience fund provided for members of partner institutions for charity assistance purposes:
    • Palau Poverty Assistance Fund
    • Nigeria Sovereign Blockchain Council
    • Indonesian Pricilla Hall Foundation

Members obtaining role higher than Stranger build and devote themselves to the Shorter DAO collectively. Accruing IHBPS is an absolute privilege owned by DAO members discovering the bold synergies.


  • Why IHBPS matters?

    Past collapses in the economic model of massive blockchain projects have indicated an IMPLICIT rule — the spirit in the community will be diluted by the influx of insidious speculators, who merely seek to reap profits from risk-free price fluctuations of governance tokens. Suffering from the overloaded rumors & negative, offensive remarks they spread, the general ethos of the community would be vandalized, which would inevitable shift the members’ fixation away from product innovation and ecosystem expansion. That is what DAO members DO NOT expect.

    A Protocol cannot flourish on its own without the community’s efforts. The price increase of the governance token is just a side-effect of a prospering community. All that matters is the fruit of success should be shared by all the contributors rather than a shortcut for those superficial stealers to cash out.

  • How to check my IHBPS threshold and used shares?

    Navigate to Achievements (opens new window) page for stats and breakdown.

  • What if my IHBPS greater than the threshold?

    The overwhelming part will be locked after S-Point checkpoint and be deducted/burned after the DAO members vote in weekly Sax sessions held on Sunday at 0:00 (GMT) collectively.

  • What will happen if I fell back to stranger?

    Your IHBPS will be drained away in 1 month at a steady speed, -3.3% daily, not up to how much you’ve accrued before.