Milestone Status
Launch on Ethereum Testnet Rinkeby Finished
Governance V2 Finished
Ruler Bots API Finished
CEX Integration Guideline and SDK Finished
IPISTR on Mainnet Issuance Finished
Third-party Cooperation Framework Finished
DeFi Hackathon & Bounty Finished
Launch on Ethereum Mainnet Finished
Start Ambassador Program Finished
Active Users > 6K Finished
Unlock Tokens for Angel Investors Finished
5 Ecosystem Projects Finished
Trading Competitions Finished
Optimization for Mobile Usage Finished
Governance over Expanding Token Listing Range Finished
Aggregated Price Feeder for Altcoins Finished
IPISTR Price Topped 5× Finished
Launch on BNB Chain Finished
Initiate 1st Round Trading Mining Finished
Monthly Trader/Developer Bounty Program    Finished
Co-host hackathon events with BNB Chain Finished
Pre-A Round Fundraising 2023 Q2
10 Ecosystem Projects 2023 Q3
Active Users > 20K 2023 Q3
TVL > 50M 2023 Q3
Ruler Bots Solidity Version 2023 Q3
Extend market to Asia 2023 Q3
Listed tokens > 20 2023 Q3
Trading Vol. > 200M 2023 Q3
Aggregated DEX Integration (0x, 1inch...) 2023 Q3
Flash Loaning 2023 Q4
TVL > 100M 2023 Q4