Testnet Playground

This is a complete guide to help users know the usage of Shorter Finance within the virtual environment built on Rinkeby testnet.

The Rinkeby testnet is a fork of the Ethereum mainnet, mainly used for dapp testing before deployment on the Ethereum mainnet. The testnet version Shorter was deployed on Rinkeby testnet.

Step 1: Switch your network in Metamask


Step 2: Get some Rinkeby testnet ETH

To unlock the functions, you need top up your wallet with testnet Ether as gas.

You can easily receive testnet ETH through the Rinkeby faucets listing below:

Step 3: Get test tokens

Anyone having a wallet account may request test tokens without any limits. Hit the button in the row, the testnet tokens(USDT and IPISTR) will be transferred to your account.

Claim test tokens

The period for your next claim is 24 hours.

Step 4: Import the tokenlist of altcoins

Click the token picker button on uniswap rinkeby (opens new window) :

Manage tokenlist

Copy the tokenlist link below:

Copy https://cdn.shorter.finance/tokens/rinkeby/tokenlist.json

Click "Manage Token Lists":

Manage tokenlist

Paste into the url box:

Paste in tokenlist box

Step 5: Acquire more altcoins

Testnet altcoins can be swapped out by the testnet USDTs you claimed in Step 3:

Exchange for altcoins

Smart contract address

Step 6: Play with these test tokens

Refer to key actors to get imprints of what 3 key roles can do on Shorter Finance.