Smart Contracts Hierarchy

The Shorter team is following the fundamental approach and uses stable well-tested solutions, even if that leads to slower short-term innovations. Most of the solutions are formalized in papers presented at peer-reviewed conferences and have been widely discussed in the community.

Refer to here to acknowledge the addresses of these serving smart contracts.


Inside this contract, providers are allowed to interoperate with the pools, deposit, withdraw and shift the assets between markets by the real-time metrics.


Core ingredient for handling synergies between the users and positions, some code snippets of which will be outline in this document.


The position contracts are managed by TradingHub, natively store all state data and assets (e.g. unsettle cash, margin) for future manipulation.


This is the main contract built for supporting the debt bidding and liquidation activities.

Phase 1 - Tanto

Phase 2 - Katana

Legacy - Naginata


The Committee primarily denotes a collection of functions that help ruler immerse themselves into governance activities effectively.


This can be of notable assistance to help users care more about their earnings, either interaction with smart contracts or getting involved in activities.

Liquidity Providing