IPI Labs

At IPI Labs, we are building unprecedented products such as Shorter Finance: a token shorting infrastructure driven purely by smart contracts. Our mission is to expand the scope of decentralized trading to billions of users, fully preserving its most valuable properties — permissionlessness, trustlessness, and resilience, — in order to protect and enhance global economic freedom.

Across all hires we make at IPI Labs, regardless of role or team, we look for signals that a candidate will thrive in a culture like ours, where we value freedom, ownership mindset, and meritocracy.

How We Work

We’re focused on creating a collaborative work environment where people are happy and productive. We don’t let geography or borders define us: we are a distributed team with members all over the world.

We care deeply about open source, and our organizational structure has minimal hierarchy and no fixed work hours. We believe in working with a high degree of autonomy while supporting the organization’s priorities.

Current Job Openings

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