Key Actors

Participants can be divided into the following 4 general shapes:


Anyone can become conceptual providers by depositing their tokens into the Token Loaning Pool in return for IPISTR tokens under a buy-back program. Supplying rewards are subject to changes per market conditions to increase market liquidity and fee generation in the pool. They are also called "Stakers" or "Suppliers"

Additionally, pool creators don’t have to tarry for yields. However, to begin considering different scenarios attracting more suppliers and the role they will play in promoting the pools and shifting the scarcity of liquidity off.

Provider Use Cases


Traders are somewhat professional users who initiate a short position from any Token Loaning Pool running with favorable arguments to meet their trading demands.

Trader Use Cases


IPISTR holders deposit their tokens into Committee smart contract, topping the requirement threshold — 0.1%, in exchange for ruler privileges and the resultant premium.

Genuine rulers’ vote weight is counted based on their accurate shares locked in the Committee vault. They routinely participate in the governance, stabilizing all components of the whole system. As the stone of Shorter, the running theme of their labor is the duality of sparing the elegant engine this precise from the crunch and executing force liquidations for the positions at the critical cusp of their margin dropping beneath the minimum requirement line.

Ruler Use Cases


Average user. Shorter is accessible to anyone who is somehow capable of connecting to the blockchain network.

Guest Use Cases