Create a Token Loan Pool

Users have so many options engaging this incentive program independently, the ecosystem will be encouraging providers or people genuinely interested in this product to submit a pool creation proposal.

Submit a Proposal

Go to Pools (opens new window) , hit the therein "+" button.

Pool List

Proposal window for pool creation will pop-up. There are 3 arguments you could tweak for the subsequent creation of a Token Loaning Pool:

  • Token symbol
  • Leverage for trading
  • Days to expiration

Proposal Window

Submitting a proposal to Committee doesn't require you to have a balance on underlying token, whereas make sure you have 10000 IPISTR to pay the submission fee.

Proceed to finalize the process via Metamask.

Once approved and the wallet properly sent the transaction to the blockchain, you'll be able to see the proposal you submitted on the Governance (opens new window) page, waiting for the disputes and questions raised by the rulers.